The Association for Cooperation and Transformation (UK)

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ACT (UK) is a new charity being created in the UK, which is currently in the process of registering with the Charity Commission as a charitable incorporated organization (CIO).  While the new charity will be closely linked with ACT, it has a separate legal structure and is under the direction of separate trustees.

The activities of the UK charity will be:

  • To profile and promote ACT, including broad education about the current situation and needs of North Africa, especially Tunisia. This will include the regular distribution of a newsletter, annual meetings and visiting and speaking in churches and to other interested groups
  • To raise and channel funds to ACT through sponsored and fundraising events, mailings, internet promotion and speaking at meetings.
  • To support the recruiting and channelling of personnel to ACT. This involves networking with and advising other charities who supply personnel to ACT, communicating information about personnel needs, meeting potential workers and advising on their suitability for this work.
  • To communicate with UK charities interested in or engaged in work in N Africa in order to strengthen their work. Several charities are formal partners of ACT.  ACT (UK) will take over a lead role in supplying information and informal education to these partners.

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