ACT is a not-for-profit, international development organization, based on Christian values.

Since 1982 ACT has been working with partners who work with vulnerable, marginalized and disadvantaged people in Tunisia.
We seek to bring transformation to the communities we are involved with through:
• encouraging local initiatives of sustainable development
• learning together in an attitude of sharing and dialog
• working alongside
• encouraging sharing between different groups and partners
• recognizing the dignity and rights of each person
• respecting the culture of the country

Our projects focus on:
Rural populations
People with disability
Individuals and families in vulnerable situations
Health care for vulnerable groups

Our values:
• Integrity
• AffirmationDownload English
• Participation
• Service

ACT is a team-based organization and has a head office in Tunis as well as teams based around the country.

Sources of funding
ACT receives financial support from international governmental and  non-governmental organizations, international humanitarian and  development organizations, embassies and international clubs based  in Tunisia.

Legal status (visa 27, Ministry of the Interior, 15/1/88) Visa information needs to be put on the footer.
ACT is an international non-governmental organization registered in  Sweden and Tunisia (visa 27, Ministry of the Interior, 15/1/88). ACT  works under the financial and technical agreement between the Tunisian  and Swedish Governments of 12th May 1973.