Formation Pratique d’Accompangement

In 2012, ACT associates partnered with the Association Ibn Sina in Sfax to create a training program for parents of autistic children.  Our associates, parents of an autistic son, have helped him through tools they gained from Relationship Development Intervention ( 

Ibn Sina, with its rich history of helping autistic children and their families since 1986, recognized that what this couple shared with them could provide encouragement and practical tools for Tunisian parents.  Together they developed FPAP – Formation Pratique d’Accompangement pour Parents.  This eight month training program provides hope for parents, helping them embrace their role as the primary guides for their children’s development.  The program focuses on improving the level of trust in the parent-child relationship and developing the child’s memories of competence.  37 parents have completed the training to date, many of them participating as married couples.  The testimonies of these parents are encouraging and exciting as their daily lives have become infused with hope and focus.  The FPAP program is currently being offered by  Ibn Sina in the city of Sfax.