Self Advocacy

ACT has organized a three day training on Self Advocacy in partnership with UTAIM associations, MIGA, ATASS, El Amel in Medenine, INTERACT, CARITAS Egypt and LASA Lebanese Association for Self Advocacy. These training is to take place in Jerba from the 1st to 3rd of November.
A person with disability said, “Social Autonomy or Proactive Participation is something we all do when we talk in behalf of ourselves. It might be an everyday thing, like deciding what we will wear or eat. It can also be a major undertaking, like buying a home, finding work, or to help pass new legislation. Social Autonomy is a way of thinking differently about all things that concern us, thinking of solutions to our everyday problems. We can find ways to get what and we want and what we need …we can find solutions that no one else can think of, because we know what works best for us. The condition of our homes, the food we eat, the friends we have …. all that has to do with the way  we express of our selves and who we are. I we do this consistently, after a while, it’s not only self-advocacy, it becomes a way of life. “