Rural Development

Rural Development Sector


The Rural Development Sector seeks to enable rural communities to have a sustainable existence, especially in arid and isolated areas. This includes raising awareness and supporting work to improve care and sustainable use of the natural environment, maximizing the use of water and renewable energies. It also involves promotion of good agricultural practice and husbandry of livestock, and assisting poor families and communities towards financial independence.

  • Sidi Bouzid Income generation 2
  • Aïn Jafel Lake 1
  • Remada Oasis (3)
  • Remada Oasis (10)
  • Remada Oasis (12)
  • Sfax UTAIM Matar 1
  • Sfax UTAIM Matar 2
  • Sfax UTAIM Matar 3
  • Sfax UTAIM Matar 7
  • Sfax UTAIM Matar 8

  • Hill lake protection program in the Sidi Bouzid region
  • Redevelopment and management of water systems
  • Research of opportunities to use naturally available therapeutic plants
  • Building facilities for an isolated primary school in Ain Jaffel
  • Oasis regeneration program in Remada
  • Return to profitability for farms with degraded soil
  • Field trials of innovative irrigation systems


Our work focuses on isolated and arid regions, especially Sidi Bouzid, Matmata, Remada and Teboursouk.

Our partners are:

  • CRDA – Commisariat Régional de Développement Agricole (Regional Agency for Agricultural Development)
  • AAG – Association Abel Granier
  • ATAE – Association Tunisienne d’Agriculture Environnementale


The Rural Development Sector has recently seen many changes. There are openings for a wide range of professionals with qualifications in agricultural, rural development and environmental sciences.