Disability Internship Program

برنامج اﺍلتدرﺭيب

جمعية التعاون بتونس

Language: English and Arabic

EN Disability Internship Program AR Disability Internship Program

Disability Livelihood Program

برنامج اﺍلمشارﺭيع

مواﺍرﺭدﺩ اﺍلرزﺯقﻕ

Language: English and Arabic

EN Livelihood Project AR Livelihood Project

Guide des Ainés et des Personnes Handicapées

A Guide for the Third Age and Disabled People.

A guide for home care workers Author: Belsem Zamantar

Language: French and Arabic

delil personnes agées

Guide Pratique de l’Auxiliaire de Vie en Tunisie

Practical Guide for Care Workers in Tunisia.

A concise handbook for care workers divided into key areas – duties of the care worker; nutrition, hygiene, health problems, technical aides, social services. Author: Belsem Zamantar.

Language: French

 delil auxillières de vie

 دليل مساعد الحياة التطبيقي في تونس

Practical Guide for Care Workers in Tunisia

A guide for care worker, divided into key areas.

Author: Belsem Zamantar

Language: Arabic


11 Histoires de Vie, Onze Histoires d’Amour

11 Stories of Life, Eleven Stories of Love

Eleven stories of love amongst many others, times lived along the road by educators with the children of the Errahma Centre of the medico-psycho-therapeutic association Ibn Sina in Sfax.

Author: Association Ibn Sina

Language: French

Histoire de vie combined

Karama, la Dignité jusqu’au bout des doigts

Karama, Dignity to the finger tips

An artistic presentation of a creative partnership, following Berber traditions, to raise the status of people with disabilities.

Author: compiled by Elizete Lima

Language: French


Contes et Rencontres: Tissage d’Espoir

Tales and Encounters: a Tapestry of Hope

Presentation of an exchange project, amongst parents of children with disabilities, around traditional story-telling.

Author: Denes Asaad, Elizete ‘Zaza’ Lima, Raouf Karray

Language: French and Arabic

Contes et rencontres French

Karama Bint El Janoub

Karama, Girl of the South

A children’s story of hope and love, written and illustrated by the students of the UTAIM centre for people with disabilities in Gabès.

Author: Students of UTAIM, centre for special needs education, in Gabès with the support of Raouf Karray

Language: French and Arabic

Bent Eljenoub

أنشطة تربوية ملائمة لذوي الإحتياجات الخاصة

Educational activities for people with special needs

A collection of activities written by special needs educators for special needs educators.

Author: Abdelaziz Fadhli, Ibtisem Elgabesi, Faïza Zoumouri

Language: Arabic

Price: 10TD


أنشطة لترية و لتعليم الأطفال ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة

Teaching and learning activities for children with special needs

A collection of teaching activities to encourage the learning of children with special needs.

Author: Mohamed Abid

Language: Arabic

Price: 5TD



أقرأ أكتب ألوّن

Read Write Colour

A children’s activity book for learning and practice of reading, writing and colors.

Language: Arabic