About ACT

Our vision

ACT is a Christian development organisation that works to bring about transformation in the lives of people in North Africa. We work with those that are marginalised, vulnerable or disadvantaged, in the groups that work with them, and in the society in which they live. We want to do this at reasonable cost and according to our values.



We believe that people, who have a disability, are financially disadvantaged, in prison or marginalised by society, need to be affirmed. We value their knowledge, experience and contributions. This motivates, builds self-confidence and empowers them to transform their lives.

We believe that participation in decision making, goal setting and planning, will increase peoples ownership and commitment. We therefore make the decisions as close as possible to the people who are directly involved.

We believe that in selfless service we go a little further, endure a little longer and look a little closer at the people we serve. We do not seek recognition, but rather a commitment to put the welfare of others first.

We believe that integrity is lived out by doing what is right, both legally and morally. We want to build trust in our relationships by following moral principles, being wholehearted and honouring our commitments.