Our Approach

Transformational Development

As ACT we believe in a transformational approach to development and aim for a process of positive change in values, attitudes, and relationships. We hope to see people, communities, and societies move towards fullness of life with dignity, justice, peace, and hope, reflected in the social, physical, and spiritual aspects of life. Our desire is to use six principles of Transformational Development as the basis for what we do, how we do it and who is doing it and why.

  1. Faith-based
    Our work is inspired by our Christian faith.
  2. Value-driven
    We believe that transformation comes by the passing on of values. We value Integrity, Service, Participation and Affirmation in our work in which we aim for justice, dignity and hope.
  3. People-focused
    We believe that transformation comes through relationships/partnerships with the people and partners we work with.
  4. Sustainable
    We believe that sustainability comes by looking at causes and not by treating symptoms. We build capacity of local partners rather than delivering services. ACT wants to intentionally address constraints in systems and structures to promote justice (advocacy).
  5. Holistic
    We believe transformation in all aspects of life is important. The physical, economic, social, emotional and spiritual needs to be reflected in how we plan and implement our work.
  6. Lifestyle
    We believe that transformation cannot be reduced to a simple blueprint that does the ‘trick’, but rather, is a mind-set and life-style of those who intentionally seek to bring transformation!

ACT 2020

As ACT, we have a long history of serving the marginalized and needy in Tunisia. Inspired by our Christian faith we have been working among the Tunisian people for over 30 years, to bring hope and restoration. Over these last few decades ACT has witnessed many changes, not only in the Tunisian context but also in the way development work is understood and practiced. We believe that our strategy – ACT 2020 – will help us to keep fulfilling our calling: In 2020 we want to be Transformational in WHAT we do, Professional in HOW we do it and Intentional in WHO is doing it and WHY.