ACT has been blessed over the years with a number of fantastic partners and projects. We are thankful to all who have played a part in this collection of resources.

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(Guide pour élever et enseigner les enfants handicapés mentaux)
By: Robert Deller

A manual of psychomotricity activities to encourage the development of children with special needs.






دليل لتربية و تعليم الأطفال المعوقين ذهنيا

(My story, my life)
By: Denise Asaad, Elizabete ‘Zaza’ Lima, and Raouf Karray



حكايتي حياتي

(Karama, the Girl of the South)
By: Elizabete ‘Zaza’ Lima
Partnership: ACT – UTAIM

A story of hope and friendship across the ability/disability divide. From a project seeking to restore the dignity of people with disabilities in Tunisian communities.

Karama Bent El Janoub

(11 Stories of Life, Eleven stories of love)









11 Histoires de Vie Onze histoires d’amour

(Practical guide for carers in Tunisia)
By: Belsem Zmantar
Partnership: ACT – AAGHD

A practical guide for home carers of people with disabilities.










Guide pratique de l’auxiliaire de vie en Tunisie

(Guidebook – Carer applicable in Tunisia)
By: Belsem Zmantar
Partnership: ACT – AAGHD







مساعد الحياة التطبيقي في تونس – دليل

(Guide des Ainés et des Personnes Handicapées)
By: Belsem Zmantar
Partnership ACT – AAGHD

Bilingual Arabic/French guide






دليل رعاية الأشخاص المعوقين والكبار في السن

Partnership: ACT – Tunisian Ministry of Social Affairs

A guide for people working with infants and toddlers in foster care centres.




دليل الحضانة

(Educational activities for children with special needs)
By: Mohamed Abid, Elizete Lima, and a group of educators

Practical activities to help special needs educators to develop their beneficiaries’ skills.






أنشطة لتربية وتعليم الأطفال ذوي الإحتياجات الخاصة

(Livelihood Project Guide)
By: Nate Slabaugh & Manena Guesmi


Available for download here.








ﺍلبرنامج المشروع مورد رزق

(Internship Guide & Summary)
By: Nate Slabaugh & Manena Guesmi

Guide available for download here.
Summary available for download here.









برنامج التدريب

(A practical guide on the mechanisms of social and economic inclusion for people with disabilities in Tunisia)
By: Sonia Khalifa

Guide available for download here.








دليل ات ّ عملي حول آلي اإلدماج االجتماعي واالقتصادي لألشخاص ذوي اإلعاقة في تونس