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This guiding website is an initiative done by the Association for Cooperation in Tunisia (ACT) alongside its partners under the Capacity Building Project (CBP).

1.1. What is CBP?

The CBP is an initiative of ACT in partnership with Norwegian Development Partners (NODEPA) funded by NORAD. After the Tunisian Revolution in 2011, Tunisia has seen a tremendous increase of new local associations registered, but sadly, few were active. ACT believes that through local associations, real impact could occur within the civil society. ACT aimed to help through the Capacity Building Project Five Tunisian Local Associations (LAs) to become strong and effective entities.

1.2. Our local partners:

1.3. Why?

Through the Capacity Building Project, ACT have noticed that associations in Tunisia, especially the younger ones, find it difficult to be aligned with the legal requirements, writing projects, organizing their finances etc… so this, guiding page is a set of practices that ACT have used within the CBP, from starting an association to going through a whole cycle of projects, it showed a lot of success with fairly young associations and now it is the time to share these practices with the whole civil society.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to establish an association and get the right tools to get your work going.

Remember that this guide is only the beginning, it is a push for younger associations to get their work started and for the people to establish associations to start impacting their surroundings.

Let us start now!

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