A bright future for women

It’s a very exciting time for ACT’s partner, Bright Women’s Association of Today. Their vision is big – and their passion and enthusiasm are even greater.

Moved by the need of coming alongside vulnerable and unsupported women felt in the local community, Awatef Yazidi decided to start a non-profit dedicated to helping them. In early 2017, the journey of Bright Women’s Association of Today (BWAT) began.

Founder and Treasurer Awatef found herself unable to do anything when faced with some heart-breaking stories; often, simply because the women did not fall into the recognised ‘risk’ category. She felt like she was failing them by being unable to help.

Something had to be done

Following an initial rejection from officials, they received approval to start a non-profit in July 2017. Working on their goal of meeting women where they are and journeying with them, plans and projects started to take shape. It was then that BWAT started to partner with ACT.

 ACT is honoured to be partnering with BWAT, to be able to share its experience as an international non-governmental organisation. “We talked [with ACT] and realised we needed help with capacity building,” says Awatef. “ACT International’s General Director Adriaan has given a lot of input; he’s very experienced, guiding, giving feedback.”

“ACT’s strength is a generous heart, with the willingness to journey with us. With the willingness to believe in the new initiative. To be catalysts for change.” We are hopeful that the support and partnership ACT is able to provide BWAT will enable them to achieve great things.

In May 2018 ACT hosted a meeting of a number of local NGOs; Awatef and BWAT were amongst those who attended. Participants looked at their organisations’ strengths and weaknesses. The goal of the day was to support the network of organisations and to create an environment of shared experience amongst those who took part.

“With ACT, we journey together; it’s a place where we feel safe”, continues Awatef . “It’s a place to celebrate, to share experience.”

So what is the essence of Bright Women’s Association of Today?

“It’s meeting people where they’re at. We want to just be generous with what we have. We don’t just want to receive, we want to share it. To share life with people and walk with them.”

Watch BWATs introductory video below:

Plans for a Bright future?

BWAT has big plans. Vocational training of women. Shine courses to help women discover their own worth, strength, and purpose. Finding a centre to operate out of and open a second-hand boutique. Advocacy for women, to help them understand their rights. Self-defence classes. Training of trainers for the Shine course.

Helping women find their strength. Treating people with respect. Allowing them to realise that they have dignity.

We are excited to see BWAT grow and achieve great things in the face of such need.