CBP next edition!

ACT launches the second edition of our Capacity Building Project (CBP) work with a new cohort of local associations!

Launched in 2019, CBP saw great success in the development and strengthening of Tunisia’s civil society. In order to continue to support this vision, ACT has engaged a further five civil society organisations (CSOs) to participate in project activities between 2023 and 2024.

We will seek to do this by building their:

  • Organisational capacity – their governance, administration, human resources, financial management, and organisational development
  • Project capacity – programme management, project performance management
  • Network capacity – relationships with local authorities, other local associations, international partners, and donors.

We will also seek to encourage their commitment to serve those in positions of vulnerability, marginalisation, and disadvantage. In keeping with ACT’s approach, we want to undertake this in ways that are honouring, characterised by affirmation of the value and dignity of all people, encouraging the building up of others through humble partnership, and commitments to integrity and good stewardship


-ACT Director of Projects Julia-

ACT Team Member Syrine went along to the launch event. Here’s what she had to say about her time with our new partners.

Thursday 22nd June was the opening day. Ftartchy, an event and co-working space, were happy to have us in their cosy venue. Around five in the evening everyone was present and ready to share their vision, dreams, and aspirations for the future.


Even though some of us were familiar with each other, Yassine (ACT’s Project Manager) suggested we introduce ourselves by answering a few questions by way of introduction. What’s your name? What do you do? What’s one interesting or funny fact about you? Helpful to know that some of us get really angry passionate whilst playing football!


After making sure everyone was comfortable, Yassine and Julia introduced the project to our new partners, before giving the floor over to them. They then shared their various success stories and the challenges that some have faced.


We were also honoured by the presence of Majdi, the President of l’Amour Fraternel en Tunisie and Wajdi, the Project Manager of Association Tunisienne d’Agriculture Environmentale, who shared with us their experience with ACT and CBP.

Following the success of the opening event, ACT is eager to see what happens next. With such an amazing group of new participants – not to mention the continued involvement and support of our first cohort – no doubt it will be an exciting season ahead!