Civil society snowballs

The next phase of the Capacity Building Project (CBP) is now underway. Each participant is now in the process of getting their very own small-scale project started, combining their vision and passion as an association and the trainings they are receiving through the CBP.

So, what do snowballs have to do with it? If we’re talking about the compacted spheres of ice, absolutely nothing. But if we’re talking about the snowball effect – the process wherein something launches, gains momentum and volume and likely impact – a whole lot.

Four of our five CBP partners are ploughing ahead, having each planned a small-scale project of their own to implement.

This is one of the three elements to the project; the remaining two being capacity building trainings and one-on-one coaching for the five local associations.

The fifth association will look to start their project in the new year. As they are a much newer – and smaller – association, ACT will continue to walk with them where they are, supporting them as they determine what shape their small-scale project will take.

We are delighted to announce the four projects:

Bright Women’s Association of Today – BWAT

Project: Carthage Threads of Hope
Period: Twelve months

Place: Tunis and the Greater Tunis area
People: Seven women
Purpose: The project will see the participants receive training in embroidery and sewing. They will each be given practical sessions on how to use sewing machines, how to measure and make a variety of items, as well as how to tailor different articles for clients.
This opportunity will offer each woman a much-needed skill with which they will be able to start earning a livelihood for themselves and their families. 

Association Tunisienne d’Agriculture Environnmentale – ATAE

Project: Programme d’Accompagnement Technique et Environnemental (PacTE)
Period: Eighteen months
Place: Area of Teboursouk, Béja (northern Tunisia)
People: A network of farmers from the region
Purpose: “We believe we have the means to remedy – even if just in part – some of the region’s problems.” The goal of this project is to create a network of competent and trained farmers with good agricultural and environmental practices. Landowners face climate, socio-economic and environmental problems. These include soil degradation, the need for a second job to supplement income, the use of chemicals, and poor management.

ATAE are seeking to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector in Tunisia, offering a better tomorrow for the farmers playing their part.

Tounes Tanmou – “Tunisia Grow”

Project: Better Tunisia
Period: Eighteen months
Place: Greater Tunis
People: Six young people and their communities
Purpose: There are two parts to this project. The first, in response to high rates of youth unemployment, will see this project seek to offer the six participants practical skills training and theoretical collective thinking training. The goal of this is to equip the, turning the participants into youth trainers, taking what they learn back into their communities. The second part will be capacity building with other associations, playing a role in supporting the ever-growing civil society movement Tunisia is witnessing.


Project: Capacity Building in the Field of Interfaith Dialogue
Period: Eighteen months
Place: Tunis

People: Between ten and fifteen religious leaders
Purpose: Attalaki believe it is important to create “a new culture of dialogue” that brings opposing voices together. This project will see the conception and implementation of a training programme to educate workers of the need to respect other religions. They hope to spread the culture of dialogue, accepting differences of opinion, developing skills & thinking capabilities, and creating an atmosphere of trust.

ACT wishes each association every success with their new projects; may they continue to grow and develop as they gain momentum, bringing transformation to those they will impact!