Meet the participants!

ACT’s latest Capacity Building Project welcomes a new cohort of participating association. We want you to meet the new guys!

Who?  جمعية الأثر المستدام للشباب – Youtheon

Where?  Jendouba

What? “Provides an enabling atmosphere in unleashing Tunisian Youth”

“When we started to be active in civil society, we were just a university club, until the dream of becoming a bigger entity become true! Youtheon is an association aiming to support youth in developing their abilities. We are very happy that we have helped many young people to participate in a variety of volunteering work in many European countries and we still do.”

– Sarah Ayadi, Youtheon Association Office Manager

Who?  Tamaguit

Where?  Tunis

What?  “Raising awareness of human rights and enrich Tunisian cultural identity by restoring the Amazigh culture”

“Our goal is to revive Tunisian customs and traditions and the Amazigh dialect; we have carried out many activities with students and taught Amazigh for three years. We also participated in Minorities Forums although we do not consider ourselves a minority. We are grateful to get to know ACT through some partners in 2017 and through Jamaity website in 2021.”

– Mohsen Esseket, President of the Association Tamaguit

Who?  Association la Reine d’Or جمعية الملكة الذهبية

Where?  Bizerte

What? “A developmental environmental association”

“La Reine d’Or is a developmental environmental association in Mateur (North of Tunisia), where the region has a suitable environment for beekeeping, which plays an important role in environmental balance and sustainability. Our association aims to support young people who have lost their hope in finding jobs, to have a decent life in their own country and hometowns, by training them in beekeeping and empowering and encouraging them with few hives to start a small-scale project, to invest, learn and grow in their homeland and discard all ideas of legal or illegal migration.”

– Najib Boudhraa, President of the Association

Who? Aliment’ terre

Where? Tunis

What?  “Environmental conservation organisation”

“We as part of civil society, with all our differences and experiences, have come together to participate in creating this association, which aims to help young professionals in all matters related to the agriculture field. One of our goals is to raise awareness of the importance of the climate and the major changes we are experiencing over the years. We have learned about ACT through its work with various associations and we have heard about the change it made in them, especially ATAE . With you, we are stronger.”

– Hadil Fraïhi, President of the Association

Who? Association Sciences and Technology, Ben Arous

Where?  Ben Arous

What? “A scientific association supporting Tunisian youth to launch technological projects and modern technological innovations.”

“Our work is extended in many cities in Ben Arous. We target the future generations to help them start their careers in programming, creating websites and apps. We have trained many students and participated in different cultural events and worked in  cultural centers.”

– Jamila Ben Abd EL Kader, Project manager

“Technology is important nowadays – I advise everyone to develop their IT skills. The world is now based on technology.”

– Ala, Association Member