Meet the Participants

The selection process for ACT’s Capacity Building Project is now complete. We are thrilled to be able to make the announcement of the associations to have been chosen.

Through the course of the project we will be seeking to help build and strengthen their administrative, management and financial capacity – something we hope will see greater transformation come to the Tunisian people they themselves are looking to serve!

Association Tunisienne de l’Agriculture Environnementale – ATAE

ATAE brings together agronomists, researchers and farmers involved in modern agriculture and its impact on the environment, especially on agricultural soils and human health. This association seeks all possible strategies to restore soil fertility and protect Tunisia’s ecosystems in order to preserve the future of agriculture.

ACT has a long history of partnership with ATAE over the years, the most recent of which has ACT staff member Kimberly interning with them, visiting farms and assessing need. We are excited to see how we can continue to support them as part of this project.

Bright Women’s Association of Today – BWAT

BWAT seeks to show love for abused, depressed and suicidal women across Tunisia. Founded in 2017, they want to “help women find their strength, treat people with respect and allow them to realise that they have dignity,” says treasurer Awatef.

Another association with which ACT has previously worked, we are hopeful their participation in this project will continue to develop and strengthen their own capacity, so that their big dreams for the women of Tunisia will one day become a reality.

L’Amour Fraternelle en Tunisie

Our ‘youngest’ participant, l’Amour Fraternelle en Tunisie was founded in late 2018. They want to be a resource to their local community of Bizerte. Their activities so far have included visiting local schools, running activities with neighbourhood children and handing out food and toy packages.

L’Amour Fraternelle en Tunisie is as new an association as they come and is at the very beginning of its journey. There will be a great deal to figure out along the way, which is something ACT is eager to help with. A strong foundation will ensure deep and well-established roots for this fledgling organisation.


Founded in 2016, Attalaki is the idea of a group of Tunisian youth interested in interfaith dialogue. It seeks to defend religious freedoms and calls for equality between citizens. They want to see a shift away from dialogues of intolerance, extremism and all forms of discrimination. “We will seek to work more and more openly in order to participate in building a nation that can accommodate all ideas, religions and beliefs. A homeland in which human dignity and rights are protected.”

New to ACT, we are honoured to be able to support an organisation with such big hopes for human rights in Tunisia.

Launch day

Thank you for all who attended our launch day in September this year. ACT is looking forward to partnering with you!

So there you have it!

A network of partners and participants, working together to grow in much needed administrative areas in order to see real change take root across a variety of groups across Tunisia.

Big visions from a group of dedicated, hard-working associations, hopefully soon met with the support needed to see them become a reality.