Prison Project moves forward with new agreement signed

On February 15th 2019 ACT signed a cooperation agreement with the Centre for Defence and Social Integration (Centre de Défense et d’Intégration Sociale – CDIS) in El Kef. This will now allow ACT to partner with them in the social reintegration process of those released from El Kef prison.

The new agreement will help in securing the future growth and development of the Prison Project in north-western Tunisia.

“With this partnership, we will focus on the follow up of ex-prisoners,” says Project Manager Jessica. “We believe this is the best way to enable locals to help their brothers and sisters to reintegrate to their societies after they leave prison.”

The agreement will cover the next two years of project work.

The Northwest Prison Project plans to provide training to CDIS, who will, in turn, support our programmes both inside and outside the prison.

We are excited to see the transformation this partnership will bring to those we will work alongside with. This will help the amazing work our Prison Project team is a part of to be sustainable and impactful.

ACT thanks the Regional Office of the Ministry of Social Affairs as well as the Director of CDIS for their ongoing support.

New horizons?

“We also want to start with a very important issue here in Tunisia: drug addiction,” says Jessica. “A big percentage of men in prison are there for taking or selling drugs. We hope to train CDIS to better help such prisoners, as well as any others that are in need of this kind of help. We believe that this training may be the beginning of something greater.”

The next step for the project will be looking for specialised trainers and developing what is needed to better equip our local partners.

Thank you for your continued support of ACT. As the Prison Project continues planning for the year ahead, please remember the project team in El Kef.