Testimonies of transformation

In a society where resources are scarce and self-protection can often be more valued than benevolence, we have had the privilege of witnessing many examples of those involved in ACT projects’ giving open-heartedly out of what they have themselves received.

ACT is thankful for and to its partners and partnerships. It is an honour to share life with such a wide, diverse and passionate community; one made up of men and women committed to seeing transformation continue to take place in Tunisia.

As 2022 draws to a close, we want to share some encouraging reflections on where we have witnessed ACT’s principles of transformational development in action throughout the year.

We hope that these few acts of neighbourly support and generosity will encourage you as they have encouraged us!

A beekeeper who gave bees from his colonies to help re-establish his neighbours’ hives that had collapsed in the summer heat.

A cooperative of women poultry-farmers who “loaned” a batch of eggs to their neighbours to help them build their own poultry-raising co-op.

A shepherd who lends out his locally adapted rams to his neighbours to help them build their flocks with a genetic line that yields greater and faster production of wool and milk.

A warm welcome and kind words offered during a meeting with a support group of mothers of children with autism, originally started years ago by an ACT colleague who is herself the mother of a child with autism.

A celebration at the disability center in Matmata that has become a centre for the whole community, where children and families without disabilities come and play and gather alongside those with special needs.

An encouragement from a visiting expert to keep doing exactly what we’ve been doing to foster dignity and inclusion for people with disabilities. “The impact of your work on the hearts of your partners is absolutely evident.”

A new area of project work for ACT, contributing to our own continuous transformation as practitioners committed to development that affirms, equips and heals.

A series of 40th anniversary events, each celebrating the value of participation and its evident impact on the lives of ACT members and partners from across the years.

An innumerable amount of opportunities to be challenged and grow in relationship with partners, old and new.

ACT’s commitment to justice, hope and dignity – as well as to continuing to seek to work in true partnership across North Africa – is not always one we will get right. But it will continue to shape the work of ACT in 2023 and beyond.

Thank you to all who carried the vision of transformational development with us in 2022.