In response to the Coronavirus crisis ACT wanted to show its solidarity and support to those affected by the emergency.

ACT aimed to support around a thousand families during April, May and June.

Read how we did here.

Tunisian timeline

ACT efforts

ACT and partners have been able to coordinate and distribute 2,459 parcels throughout April, May and June containing food and hygiene items.

These deliveries have made a huge impact at a time of real need and crisis.

Thank you to all who have helped in countless ways.

We will leave this page live for a short while; please get in touch with for anything further!


Bitesize updates

And that’s a wrap on May! While ACT and its partners are still submitting their reports, we are pleased to share how we were able to contribute to the relief effort…

905 families were helped in May.

  • 100 families in Gabès have been given food parcels thanks to ACT support of the local Croissant Rouge relief distributions.
  • 200 families in Sfax have received food for a month distributed by ACT members and volunteers.
  • 255 families in Monastir and Nabeul have received postal order to be able to support themselves following the loss of livelihoods; special thanks to our fantastic partner centres, who have worked tirelessly to enable this to happen!
  • 150 food parcels have been distributed in EL Kef and the local area, in coordination with the Human Rights League.
  • 220 families have received relief packages through our Capacity Building Project partners across the country.

To all who were able to give so generously, thank you!!


Another fantastic effort from a pair of young boys in Holland, doing what they can with what they have.

Stijn had an idea to do a sponsored bike ride, raising much-needed funds for ACT relief parcels. People donated a fixed amount or per completed lap.

After two hours, over 40 laps and almost 38 kilometres Stijn and Matti finished, tired but proud, having raised 1000 euro for food packages for Tunisian families.

Gefeliciteerd – congratulations boys! A big thank you for all your hard work, and to everyone who donated so generously.


It’s wonderful to see that relief distribution has started in Kef! Working with the Human Rights League and the Ministry of Social Affairs to coordinate food parcel drop-offs to families in need across the region.


Mabrouk (congratulations) are in order for ACT Gabès, who were able to sign an agreement with the local branch of the Red Crescent on Friday 17 April.

Thanks to this partnership, many families will now receive the food aid they so badly need.


Packages being delivered to Sfax to needy families. These packages contain all the essential food items, as well as fresh products such as eggs and chicken!

Excellent effort, everyone; a big special thank you to our local volunteers.


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The Widow

Read the story of Latifah* from the south, and how her suffering was met with kindness as help and relief is delivered during the CV19 crisis.