Our Themes

As ACT we are committed to working with a specific focus on the following four areas:

Community Development

Community development focuses on working with and strengthening local communities to take action and develop key areas that they themselves have identified.

Community ownership is vital in achieving sustainable results that will benefit the community for years to come.

Throughout its history, this has remained a key goal of ACT’s approach to project work.

Capacity Development & Civil Society

Capacity building focuses on building the capacity of partners (e.g. local associations) and their communities to effect change and strengthen Civil Society at the local, regional and eventually national level.

The specific capacity building needs arise from our partners and can, for example, consist of technical, administrative and management capacity.

Job Creation & Employability

Job creation and employability focuses on empowering people to create economic opportunity new jobs and facilitate employability through increased professional capacity.

At a time with few employment opportunities for vulnerable people – for people with disabilities, young people in rural communities, mothers without family support, women released from prison – ACT is committed to bringing about real transformation through skills training and development opportunities.

We hope that a few small changes will make the start of ripples of transformation amongst marginalised communities.

Advocacy & Social Justice

Systemic advocacy focuses on addressing root causes of the problems encountered.

Self-advocacy focuses on equipping and empowering partners, communities and individuals to speak out for themselves and become active participants in their families and communities.

Working on multiple levels (with individuals and their communities, on the national level) allows for greater impact and reach.

Our mandate

The mandate of ACT is for the Maghreb countries (Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya) with current operations in Tunisia. Within Tunisia ACT aims to work mainly in the disadvantaged interior through its offices in Gabès, El Kef, Sfax and Tunis.