People with special needs in Tunisia are often lacking access to their rights of equality, work and education which exclude them from being active and appreciated in society. ACT wants to see a shift in Tunisian society to be one of inclusion and dignity for people with disabilities. Our focus is to promote professional, educational, and familial inclusion. We also aim to reinforce the capacity of our partners through forming local partnerships, building networks and capacity building programs.

Job openings

Disability Expert

ACT is looking for professionals with formal training and relevant experience, such as special educators to organise training sessions/coach local educators; professionals in the paramedical area like psychologist, speech therapist and occupational therapists; professionals with experience in tools like ABA/PECS/TEACHH to organise discussion forums/training to local organisations; project managers for income generating projects/internships to join the disability work. For more info contact us at info@actdev.org

About Disability

Dr Steve Green on the Francophone Palliative Care Congress

“This was such a good advert for Tunisia. One main speaker from Quebec apologised on behalf of his compatriots for not coming because of fears of security. The participants are going away with very positive opinions of Tunisia. For all this we praise God.”

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In the health sector in Tunisia we work with the following partners:

UTAIM - Union Tunisienne d’Aide aux Handicapés Mentaux
UNESI - Union Nationale des Ecoles Spécialisées et Inclusives
El Mouroua, Sfax
Avicenne, Sfax