With this Child Right project, ACT will seek to promote inclusion in Tunisian society where persons with disabilities (PWD) can fully access and practice their rights. A key focus for this will be on children and mothers across the country.

The specific goal of the project is to increase (and advocate for) the provision, protection, and participation of PWD in Tunisian society by empowering families. ACT longs to see an improved ability of PWD and their families to speak up for themselves, to address advocacy issues at different levels of society, and to work together for positive change.


2019 – 2021


The project activities are implemented in different areas in the country; reaching communities in Sfax, the South (e.g. Gabes and Tozeur) and the North-West areas of Tunisia (e.g. Kef and Jendouba).


Result 1: Ability to Speak Up (Advocacy)

  • Raise awareness on self-advocacy through local partners
  • Assist in formation of at least 2 self-help groups.
  • Develop information material (e.g. movies of success stories in Tunisia)
  • Exchange of (self) advocacy experiences in Tunisia.
  • Systemic advocacy

Result 2: Increased Family Inclusion of PWD

  • Create/equip 3 family groups to help PWD to be active, vocal and valued.
  • Family group (10 to 20 members) meets between 2 to 4 times per year .

Result 3: Improved Professional Inclusion of PWD

  • Support /establish 20 Income Generation Projects
  • Support 10 workshops of local partner organizations
  • Facilitate 30 Internship Projects

Result 4: Improved Life Skills of Mothers Without Family Support


Result 5: Improved Capacity of Local Partners and ACT Staff

  • Assess professional development needs of ACT and 10 local partners
  • Design and implement training programs addressing assessed needs
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