The associations that serve people with disabilities (PWD) in the south of Tunisia are only able to serve a small minority of the population, and only in a limited capacity. Funding is decreasing. Services are continually being reduced.

The goal of this project is to increase autonomy for PWDs in southern Tunisia, which will lead to more inclusion and a better quality of life. Autonomy is reflective of human dignity and equality. It is the independence and the freedom to make one’s own choices. We will seek to prepare trainers with personal experiences of disability. We long to see a growing partnership with those who are able to access services to reach those who are not.

Through trainings and networking, PWDs and their support systems will develop knowledge, skills, opportunities and an attitude that will promote autonomy, inclusion and advocacy.


2019 – 2021


Gabès, Mednine and Matamata


UTAIM Gabès and Medenine | UNAT Gabès | AGIM Gabès, Medenine and Chenini | APATH Gabès | ATAS Medenine | ABHM Matamata


Result 1:  Increased capacity of PWDs, their families and associations through training programmes.

  • Present findings from 2017-2018 baseline survey
  • Training programme
    Currently identified trainings are:
    1. addressing the emotional health of families and PWDs
    2. attitudes towards PWDs and disability in general
    3. autonomy in ADLs/IADLs
    4. autonomy in social settings
    5. the roles of the family and the association in supporting PWDs
    6. use of social media, sexuality and relationships for PWDs
    7. communication skills, advocacy and accessing public benefits
    8. establishing small businesses for PWDs
  • Graduation party to honour community trainers
  • Community Trainers

Result 2: Networks and partnerships formed for the purposes of (self) advocacy, exchange of experience and mutual support.

  • Self-Advocacy Groups
  • Family Groups

Result 3: More PWDs will be involved in autonomous professions.

  • Establishing income generating activities
  • Follow up visits
  • Income-generating projects
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