Post-revolution saw the creation of a great number of associations form. Through a series of surveys and discernment with our existing local partners, ACT is launching a project to partner with and support five local associations in developing their internal capacity. This will be done with a mixture of theoretical training and practical assistance.

Through learning together and sharing resources, we hope to see an increase in institutional and technical capacity. This will further empower important grass root organisations and movements for change.






Result 1: Increased organizational capacity

  • Start-up event
  • Select five local associations and assess training needs
  • Provide five to seven training sessions on project management and organizational issues
  • Individual coaching and mentoring of the five local associations

Result 2: Increased project experience and technical capacity

  • Five local associations develop small scale project (up to 42.000 TND).
  • Five local associations implement and evaluate project with a duration of 1,5 to 2 years

Result 3: Increased capacity in civil society to share and learn

  • Five local association establish a network
  • Network meets four times a year (total 10) to share experiences/resources
  • Closing event to network, share results and present small scale projects
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