The Capacity Building Project (CBP 1.0) supported five young Tunisian civil society organisations (CSOs) in building strategic planning, fundraising, communication, and financial management skills. ACT provided substantive and individualized support, including one-on-one coaching and hands-on technical assistance, resulting in deeper and more lasting positive impact for our partner associations, and broader impact on the vulnerable communities that both they and we seek to serve. A strong network was built between ACT, the participating CSOs, and the larger civil society.

Building on the success of the CBP 1.0, ACT seeks to continue supporting the development and strengthening of Tunisia’s civil society by engaging five more CSOs in 2023-2024 in:

  1. Building their organizational capacity (governance, administration, human resources, financial management, and organizational development)
  2. Building their project capacity (program management, project performance management)
  3. Building their network capacity (relationships with local authorities, other local associations, international partners and donors)
  4. Encouraging their commitment to serve vulnerable, marginalized, and disadvantaged communities


May 2023 – March 2024


Tunis and the Northwest


17.400 €


  • Helping local associations develop project plans and offers, including team building, strategy, project proposals and start-up events
  • Give selected local associations support and coaching
  • Facilitating local associations to meet together to share experiences, resources and to network efficiently
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