The Phase III of CDP started in 2021 and was designed to last a year. The Covid-19 crisis and the unavailability of one of the crucial partners resulted in the postponement of most of the activities until

In collaboration with our partners, seven groups for the production of free-range chicken were started in three delegations of the Gabès governorate.

These seven groups (nearly 100 beneficiaries, mostly women) received professional training on poultry raising, as well as equipment, materials (such as gas heaters, mangers, drinkers) and supplies such as eggs, feed, vaccines.

Two exchange visits were organised for six groups (around 50 participants) to visit other chicken producers and established women’s cooperatives (GDAs) south of the Gabès governorate and in the Medenine

Several monitoring visits were also made to groups started in the previous phases of CDP (three groups, nearly 50 women) in order to develop networking and knowledge sharing opportunities.


November 2021 – April 2023


Governorate of Gabès


CRDA (the regional agricultural administration)


  • Holding events for promotion, health & wellbeing, and networking
  • Providing technical agricultural training to men and women, as well as organisational training
  • Creating a women’s local development association (GDA)
  • Starting a farm poultry project
  • Organising exchange visits to similar projects
  • Providing egg incubators, material and poultry feed for participants
  • Creating and training a water users association
  • Training on underground water diffusers and field demonstration trials on this technology
  • Supplying farmers with agricultural resources (irrigation material and/or vegetal material)
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