The South of Tunisia faces many challenges, including aridity, droughts, salty waters and desertification. For those dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods, it is a daily struggle. In 2018 ACT started a new community-based rural development project in the South to help combat this, equipping communities for a better future.  In 2020, we continue on with this important work.

Following on from Phase I, Phase II will now begin in Jemaïne, a village in the Menzel Habib district in the south of Tunisia. ACT will seek to replicate the achievements reached with her sister community of Ouled Souissi.


January 2020 – December 2020 (Phase II, Part 1)


Governorate of Gabès


Le Rucher


CRDA (the regional agricultural administration)


  • Holding events for promotion, health & wellbeing, and networking
  • Providing technical agricultural training to men and women, as well as organisational training
  • Creating a women’s local development association (GDA)
  • Starting a farm poultry project
  • Organising exchange visits to similar projects
  • Providing egg incubators, material and poultry feed for participants
  • Creating and training a water users association
  • Training on underground water diffusers and field demonstration trials on this technology
  • Supplying farmers with agricultural resources (irrigation material and/or vegetal material)
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