The South of Tunisia faces many challenges, including aridity, droughts, salty waters and desertification. In 2016 ACT begun researching the possibilities of starting a new community-based rural development project in the South. The project will be implemented in partnership with the regional agricultural administration (CRDA).  The aim is to complete the research and assessment phase by the end of the year 2017 and approach donors for funding.


Started in January 2018; due to run for two years


The project will be implemented in the Governorate of Gabès, starting in the village Ouled Souissi, in Menzel Habib.


PMI | Le Rucher


40,500 €


  • organise events for promotion, health & wellbeing, and networking
  • provide technical agricultural training to men and women
  • provide organisational training on associations and on entrepreneurial projects
  • create a women local development association
  • offer subsidies to some other farmers and women’s associations in the Governorate
  • provide 4 egg incubators for a group of women for the poultry project
  • dig a well (with equipment: pump, connection to the electricity network, technical hut)
  • exchange visits to / from innovative farmers
  • training on underground water diffusers and follow up visits
  • install a demonstration field for underground water diffusers
  • supply farmers with agricultural resources (irrigation material and/or vegetal material)
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