The trafficking of young girls from the rural north-west is a widely recognized problem in Tunisia. In some cases, economically disadvantaged families may send their daughters to work in dangerous agricultural settings or domestic service in the homes of the wealthy coastal elite to help pay for household expenses, including school fees for their sons.

With this background, ACT would like to see human trafficking eradicated in Tunisia through reduced vulnerability to exploitation, an enhanced sense of freedom and restoration of those who have been exploited and abused, and greater commitment to upholding the dignity and value of all people.

ACT’s transformational development principles emphasise the value of community participation in project development. Broad-based local input helps ACT ensure that our projects are meeting the needs of the community, incorporating community strengths into the project design, and encouraging local ownership. This pilot project aims to increase collaboration and shared knowledge among stakeholders that will lay a foundation for support and harm reduction for women, girls, and their communities who are at-risk or in positions of vulnerability.


January 2022 – June 2023


North-western Tunisia


€ 17,400


Result 1: ACT has an established network of stakeholders that work for harm reduction by directly or indirectly addressing vulnerabilities and risk factors that may lead to human trafficking.

  • Identifying partners
  • Creating an accessible database of referral options, services, and contact information

Result 2: A working group of a 5-8 stakeholders is established. With the facilitation and assistance of expert consultants, the working group has developed an asset- based prevention strategy that lays the groundwork for future efforts in north-west Tunisia.

  • Identifying interested participants
  • Meeting as a working group
  • Creating a prevention strategy and accompanying resources are accessible for ongoing use

Result 3: Groups and individuals within ACT’s network are mobilized for further action to address human trafficking and exploitation in one or more areas of influence. 

  • Increased awareness of realities of trafficking in Tunisia among ACT’s local partners and networks through education and training opportunities
  • Individuals or groups are equipped to take next steps to directly or indirectly address human trafficking
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