During the last 10 years, Tunisia has adopted strategies, programmes, mechanisms, and plans to ensure the rights of people with disabilities (PWD). Many people with disabilities experience disempowerment both in the family and the community and limits to their opportunities and choices. They often become victims. These negative attitudes and low expectations lead people with disabilities to feel worthless, have low self-esteem and be unable to do anything to change their life.

The focus of ACT reflects on two thematic priorities of inclusion and advocacy.

More specifically, this project aims to increase the professional, educational and familial inclusion of persons with disabilities in Tunisian society. At the same time ACT aims to strengthen the capacity of partners in advocating and practising the right of people with disabilities.

In its activities, ACT applies a Right Based Approach which means that ACT will focus on empowering PWD (and their representatives) to access and practice their rights as well as build the capacity of institutes that are obligated to fulfil the rights of PWD.


2016 – 2018


The project activities are implemented in different areas in the country; reaching communities in Sfax, the South (e.g. Gabes and Tozeur) and the North-West areas of Tunisia (e.g. Kef and Jendouba).




150,000 €


  • livelihood activities to increase the integration of PWD into the community.
  • workshops to support PWD in learning vocational skills.
  • internships to increase PWD’s sense of dignity and their integration into their local communities and societies.
  • capacity building.
  • parent training and support groups.
  • developing a toolkit for families.

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