Many people have experienced traumatic events and remain stuck in a victim mentality. Sometimes they feel guilty for what has happened to them, at times needing to take medication for anxiety or depression. This medication is sometimes misused, which can lead to further problems linked to addictions.

ACT partner CDIS (Centre de Défense et D’Intégration Sociale) plays a vital role in helping their beneficiaries to process the events they have experienced and in finding solutions to their problems.

This project aims to increase the dignity, hope and self-confidence of women, children and other victims of trauma. To promote a culture of healing listening within CDIS, among their partners, their beneficiaries and among the families and friends of their beneficiaries.


April 2017 – June 2019 (2 years)


The target group of the project are mothers without family support, marginalised children, children out of school, female prisoners and victims of violence in the Governorat of Gabès, as well as the personnel of CDIS Gabès.


EO Metterdad


12.000 €


  • developing a sand-tray tool to help children talk about their traumatic experiences.
  • training two psychologists to use this tool.
  • developing a training program for using the sand-tray tool.
  • training in listening, coaching, mentoring, communication and debriefing skills.
  • establishing healing listening groups.
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