Every child should be cared for. Every caregiver should be equipped. The International Child Development Programme (ICDP) aims to do just this in a multitude of different global contexts, so as to help development “that is authentic, sustainable and long-lasting. It has been ACT’s honour to partner in the first-ever rollout of this programme in Tunisia since September 2023, following the lead and learning from the generosity of our partners Bright Women Association of Today and Nodepa.

Our shared overall objective for this project is to see children grow up in safe and caring environments, where they feel valued and know they are worthy of dignity and love. We all believe this has a better chance of happening when parents and caregivers have the competence and confidence to see and approach children in a positive way and maintain high-quality interaction and good relationships with them.” Participants, many from across ACT’s partner networks, are being equipped by the course materials which have been tailored in order to be contextually relevant and offer accessible content.


June 2023 – September 2024




Bright Women’s Association of Today | Nodepa


Result 1: Tunisian facilitators apply the ICDP program with caregivers and children.

  • Facilitators independently initiate and run caregiver groups within their own (work) communities.

Result 2: A self-sustaining network of ICDP professionals in Tunisia is being built.

Result 3: Working towards implementing ICDP into the existing local care system by getting their ministries involved.

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