Having a baby outside of marriage presents many difficulties for mothers. Although in recent years people have started to talk more openly about mothers without family support and strategies to assist them, these mothers still face condemnation, abuse and rejection from their families and local communities, regardless of the reason for their pregnancy. Many come under pressure to abandon their children and it is common for a pregnant single woman to end up in prostitution or begging.

This project aims to encourage, support and empower mothers without family support. Through training and livelihood projects these women have better opportunities for their future and can live a dignified life with professional and social (re)integration.


2 years (assessment and starting up phase; July – December 2017)
(implementation; January 2018 – November 2019)


The target group of the project are mothers without family support in the regions of Nabeul and Monastir.


Cyan International | SIDA |


100.000 €


  • life-skills training for all mothers.
  • financial training for selected mothers.
  • establishing a small-scale business for selected mothers.
  • providing psychological and social support for mothers.

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