Within the area of mental health treatment in Tunisia there can be problems caused by the educational system which focuses mainly on (outdated) theory and not really on practical skills.

This project aims to help meet the need of many Tunisians who have psychological or social problems who are not being optimally helped in an empowering and sustainable way. Working to build-up and equip well-trained and professional mental and social health care workers, ACT aims to empower them to do their work and to reach the goals of their organisation better.

Ultimately we hope that by the end of the project these staff will capable and willing to work more methodologically, show proper listening, observation and reflection skills (to each other and beneficiaries). This will lead to improved diagnostics and interventions, so that beneficiaries receive the care they need and the results of treatment will improve and be more sustainable.


April 2020 – March 2022




CDIS Médenine


Result 1: Improved listening, observation and reflection skills of at least 50% of CDIS staff who is doing the training.

  • Start-up Phase (1st October 2019 – March 2020)
  • Preparation of training materials
  • Opening event & selection of participants
  • Trainings given in reflection skills
  • Follow-up meetings and exchange opportunities
  • Ad hoc topical trainings
  • Reflection on phase 1 (May/June 2021)

Result 2: Improved methodical way of working of the staff being trained in phase 2 in order to improve diagnostics and treatment.

  • Renewed reflection on phase 1, preparation of training materials and selection of participants
  • Trainings in methodical work and follow-up meetings
  • Systemic change CDIS and systemic advocacy related to the educational system
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