In Tunisia the major arid area is located in the South where most of the population depends on agriculture and animal husbandry. Berber culture shapes the communities of South Tunisia who still preserve their traditional values and customs. Even in agriculture, farmers use traditional ways of working the land that has been handed down from their ancestors. The main issue is increasing drought that threatens natural resources and agricultural livelihoods of rural communities. The project mitigated the negative impact of drought and improved the quality of life of farmers in the arid area of Tunisia. More specifically, the project empowered farmers in the South of Tunisia to optimize assets and improve the environment by providing innovative water technologies, agricultural resources and livelihood training.


June 2015 – December 2016


The project was implemented in Old Matmata, New Matmata, Beni Zelten, Zelten and Zaraoua.


  • Improved tree irrigation of local farmers in the Matmata region
  • Enhanced harvesting, storage and management of rainwater
  • Increased agricultural resources that conserve the arid environment
  • Increased income and improved rural livelihoods through training farmers

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