For over 40 years, ACT has sought to work with integrity, serve with generosity and humility, and encourage the participation of communities in the restoration of relationships which affirm dignity and value. It is from these principles and in a desire to grow in interdependence with our partners that WeACT has been crafted.

The overall goal of this project is to build bridges between Tunisians who share ACT’s vision and values and Tunisian civil society, leading to broader and more sustainable positive impact on justice, dignity, and hope among groups who experience vulnerability, marginalisation and disadvantage. This will take place with an investment in participants’ knowledge and expertise as it relates to transformational development (TD), leadership, citizenship, advocacy and systemic change built. We hope to see this happen with a group of 20 to 30 individuals who, through trainings, coaching sessions and networking events will be demonstrably more engaged and will have more impact in their communities.


January 2024 – December 2024


Primarily Tunis with some participants throughout the country


€ 19 500

Implementing partner



Result 1: Increased knowledge among participants about Civil Society

  • 6 training on topics related to Civil Society engagement
  • 20 individual coaching for implementation of learning

Result 2: Participants have built relationships with Civil Society actors and vulnerable, marginalised and disadvantaged people in their communities

  • 3 networking events between the beneficiaries
  • 1 large networking event for all beneficiaries and ACT, AFT and Attalaki partners

Result 3: Increased capacity for ACT Civil Society partners

  • Building a solid organisational structure and team building activities
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