Marginalized and vulnerable at-risk teenagers have few opportunities for adequate social reintegration. ACT wants to improve the capacity of institutions and society to implement efficient programmes for their reintegration in order for these young people to have greater opportunities for a richer future.

The specific objective of this project is to provide teenagers at risk in El Kef with better opportunities to develop a self-supporting life through our partner CDIS El Kef specialised reintegration programmes. ACT plans to develop training programmes to be implemented at CDIS El Kef, in order to build capacity and to equip. We believe this will, in turn, contribute to a healthier and more equitable society.


January 2021 – December 2021


El Kef




Result 1: CDIS staff have an improved knowledge of the psychosocial problems of vulnerable teenagers and their families

  • Delivering professional training for CDIS staff by a specialist on development psychology, which will include:
    – characteristics of adolescence
    – problems in adolescence
    – identification of behaviours at risk and listening skills
  • Building new knowledge on the pre-existing experience
  • Developing team building activities within CDIS staff
  • Running activities to improve the relationship between CDIS staff and participating adolescents

Result 2: CDIS staff have improved capabilities in order to work with vulnerable teenagers and their families

  • Offering professional training for CDIS staff by a specialist on development of skills to create:
    – intervention strategies for groups at risk
    – pedagogical strategies
    – self-care strategies for at-risk educators
  • Improved bonds between teacher and students
  • Offering training on how to develop and implement a “parental school” for the teenagers’ families

Result 3: Increased professional and life skills of teenagers

  • Identifying the need to develop specific skills
  • Developing a life skills programme and guide (LSP) focused on CDIS’s teenagers
  • Training CDIS staff on how to implement the programme and use the guide
  • Training on how to develop programmes to promote trade training
  • Implementing four short-term professional workshops for teenagers
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