Annual report 2015

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The year 2015 was in many ways a special year for ACT!

First of all because the Member Bodies of ACT voted unanimously to release ACT to become an independent INGO. After 30-plus years of ownership by Member Bodies, ACT is in the middle of a two year process to restructure and organise itself as an independent development organisation.

Besides this organisational change, 2015 witnessed also the departure and succession of ACT’s General Director in Tunisia and I’m proud to have had handed over to me an organisation that has an amazing history and a group of very passionate people eager to serve the people of Tunisia.

Another crossroad in 2015 was the process and development of the strategic plan for ACT’s future. In consultation with staff and international partners a new Strategic Plan, called ACT 2020, was developed and put in place; we want to be an organisation that is Transformational, Professional and Intentional. In Section 1 you will be able to read more about it and we believe ACT 2020 will give us direction for the years ahead and hope it will inspire you to join ACT.

Although these different turning points of 2015 are important they remain secondary to our primary goal to seek transformation in the lives of the people we serve; the farmer that sees his olive trees do better or the mother that has restored hope for her child with special needs. Stories, some captured in this annual report, which encourage us to go on in a country that is still struggling to see significant improvements after the Jasmine Revolution in 2011. Tunisia witnessed two major terrorist attacks (Bardo Museum and Sousse Beach) in 2015 and security remains an ongoing concern for the country. Praise God we have been able to continue most of our work and still be present in the interior of Tunisia where needs remain the greatest.

We are hopeful for a better future and thankful for the ongoing support of our donors, partners and large network of ACT friends!

Adriaan Jagersma,
General Director ACT

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