Annual Report 2018

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The Year After!

For a few years 2017 was an important target and clearly imprinted in my mind. We needed to transition to become an International NGO (INGO) and celebrate and… WE DID! But then 2017 passed by and suddenly you find yourself in 2018. The Year After!

Praise God! Looking back we found ourselves in 2018 in calmer waters and ready to ‘install’ and consolidate some new practises and get used to operating as an INGO. The long awaited agreement with the Ministry of Justice was signed. The launch of our new website and branding happened thanks to the arrival of Hannah, our new Communications Person. Project applications were completed for some new multiple-year projects and teams were further establishing themselves in the four locations, focusing on member care and accountability.

Just a few examples of how 2018 helped us to embed new practises but also to look carefully ahead. With some new project work developing and wanting to be relevant, we have been re-thinking our Sectors. In principle we’ve agreed on shifting to a more Thematic approach to direct our future work. ‘Community Development’ , ‘Capacity Building & Civil Society’, ‘Employability & Job Creation’ and ‘Social Justice & Advocacy’ are our four new Themes which we will further introduce to you in 2019!

ACT-Sweden hosted ACT’s Head Office and 2018 was the first time an Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place in Malmo. With a few members being present physically and others joining online it was a new experience of getting together and doing governance. Overall, very thankful for all the 30 members of ACT and board members giving their best to see ACT do well. A special recognition and huge thanks to Cathy H. who left after 11 years on the board of which she served most as the chair. We will miss you Cathy!

ACT Tunisia continued in 2018 as the main Country Office. Based out of four locations with around 25 internationals we continued to serve especially the underserved interior of Tunisia. In chapter two of this Annual Report you will read about all the different project activities that the amazing staff are involved with!

ACT (UK) operated in 2018 as a Support Office with the aim to promote and profile ACT in the UK. A series of concerts were organised to raise funds and we are very thankful for the trustees in the UK building a network of ACT supporters! Thank you UK!

Together we are ACT! All the staff who give their best to serve in remote places, the supporters and friends globally who faithfully give, pray and encourage, the members and board who keep the offices in Sweden, Tunisia and the UK up and running. All of us together with our local partners want to see the areas we work become better places. Places were people experience something of the goodness and abundance of life of how it was meant. Little glimpses of hope in often desperate situations are what keeps us going. My hope for 2019 is that together we will continue to stand strong to keep doing what we believe in: Transformation For All!

May God bless you all!
Adriaan J.
International Director ACT

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