Annual Report 2019

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Cooperation and Transformation!

What’s in a name? The Association for Cooperation and Transformation… indeed, it’s a mouthful and often I find myself avoiding this tong twister and just simply saying: “Yeah, I work for Aa Cee Tee”. However, I strongly believe that these two words describe ACT well. They were important for us in 2019 and will be in 2020.

Take for example the four new ACT Themes that we introduced to you in 2019; ‘Community Development’, ‘Capacity Building & Civil Society’, ‘Employability & Job Creation’ and ‘Social Justice & Advocacy’. They all seek to empower people and organisations through Cooperation. Working together, sharing knowledge and helping each other to accelerate. Whether it is bringing together professionals, families, experts and adults with special needs to improve their autonomy, or the five local associations we started to cooperate within 2019, building organisational and project capacity. We need one another to grow and these are just a few examples of how Cooperation steered our work 2019.

Looking forward we also see how Transformation helps us to find direction for 2020. To bring transformation we need to continue to increase our capacity to influence change. We have planned trainings and activities in 2020 for ACT staff and local partners to be better advocates and address injustice at a systemic level. In 2020 we will also finalize our current Strategic Plan, ACT 2020, and plan a transition with new hopes and dreams for the next few years. A journey we can’t make on our own and we like to hear from you in 2020 as International or Local Partner, member or supporter of ACT.

ACT-Sweden hosts ACT’s Head Office and we went in 2019, for our Annual General Meeting (AGM), back to our roots in Örebro (Sweden), the place where ACT was born in the 80’s. With 13 active International Partners and 34 members from nine different countries we are making up a unique network, united to serve the people of North-Africa! Thanks for all your contributions, prayers and support in 2019 with a special thanks to the Örebro Folkhögsskola and Interact Swedish Office hosting the board and AGM!

ACT-Tunisia is the main Country Office.  In 2019, we continued to be based out of 4 locations with around 25 internationals and a growing number of 6 national staff. In chapter two of this Annual Report you will read about all the different project activities that the amazing staff is involved with!

ACT-UK is well established and already in their third year of existence, promoting and raising funds for the work of ACT. In 2019, I had the privilege to join for the first time a Trustee meeting in the UK in the beautiful scenery of Yorkshire! Updating the trustees on the work of ACT, discussing plans for fundraising opportunities and hanging out with old friends helps us to journey and serve together! Thanks UK, for all you do!

With committed board members, loyal members, passionate staff, serving trustees and a growing group of praying friends and supporters, ACT is a global, diverse and unique group of people. Together we believe that there is an answer to injustice, brokenness, hatred, abuse and marginalization. An answer that is centred around our Christian faith, driven by our values and put into action!

My hope for 2020 is that we are able to look back and celebrate what has gone well over the last five-years and that we will be spurred on to seek God’s direction and to expect and do more even more in the years ahead.

May God bless you all!
Adriaan J.
International Director ACT

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