Annual Report 2023

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Poverty is the absence of wholeness, meaning the physical, emotional and spiritual that is a result of broken relationships and injustice. Broken relationships mean people and communities who belong to one another experience division, pain and separation.

ACT seeks to respond to poverty and the broken relationships that are a part of that through transformational development. Our vision is to see transformed lives and communities giving living witness to justice, dignity and hope. In responding we are committed to relationships of interdependence that bring together diverse perspectives and resources to catalyse community-level efforts to combat poverty in all of its forms in North Africa.

How did we do in this in 2023? It is true that 2023 was a challenging year on one level. When funding for a major project suddenly became unavailable just as the project was about to start at the beginning of the year we faced big gaps in project work and in funding of projects and operations. We give thanks, however, for the generous support of those who came alongside ACT and helped address those gaps. I am thankful for our project team who worked hard to reimagine what the project could be and successfully led our partners and the organisation in that change. And I give thanks for all of our staff who worked together in managing these unexpected changes.

Project work has been growing with new projects planned and launched in the second half of the year. In addition, the project team has worked hard on developing a toolbox for project development and implementation that will be a resource as we grow into new areas of North Africa.

Instability in some of the neighbouring countries has resulted in a delay in launching a new project that would expand our work there. While we recognise the poverty and broken relationships, the systemic injustices that people are forced to navigate each day, we want to give focus to relationship with local partners in launching there. In another country we have been exploring, and invited by one of our International Partners to take over their role in a project they have been piloting. An evaluation of that project at the end of 2023 was encouraging to see how the lives of women and their children had been transformed through the experience of dignity and hope.

We were delighted to welcome Jared as Country Director for Tunisia, and Dhouha as Finance Director, giving us a full Directors’ team there. It is good to see the stability that this brings and we are looking forward to the base this provides for growth of our work in the country moving forward.

More broadly, we have had seen good growth in developing our organisational infrastructure. While we would have liked to be further ahead in building our IT infrastructure, a consultant to work with us on this was engaged towards the end of the year. Our finance departments are working hard to adapt to the changing regulatory environment. We had our first consolidated audit and continue to grow systems to meet the global financial environment.

You can read more details in all of these areas in the reports in the report’s pages. There is much to give thanks for and we celebrate all those stories of transformation that we are privileged to be a part of.

Thank you for your partnership. May you be blessed with joy and hope.

Cathy Hine
International Director

Download ACT (non-financial) Annual Report 2023>