A vision for many more

It has been a most exciting door opening to ACT: following a season of discernment and exploration, along with a local partner in a North African country, project work has officially started.

At the end of 2023, ACT’s International Director Cathy visited the country’s capital for the first time, as part of ongoing explorations to find transformational development work opportunities across North Africa.

Here are her reflections.

After being in Tunisia for Board meetings toward the end of 2023, I was able to make my first visit to a new country in North Africa where ACT has been invited to start working. We have been asked to take on the support of a project started by a local woman who had just registered her NGO, and who had worked with one of our International Partners to pilot work among women experiencing the vulnerability and marginalisation of poverty.


It was fascinating in all sorts of ways to be in a new country, but most of all I was encouraged again to see the impact of transformation in the lives of those experiencing vulnerability, marginalisation and disadvantage. This project works to enable women to experience dignity despite the challenges of poverty. It was designed to give support to these women so their small businesses could thrive, even when other demands, like illness, threatened to derail their progress.


ACT will work with this new partner to design the next phase, with a vision to impact the lives of many more women and children.


It is why ACT is committed to transformational development. Transformational development is about catalysing community efforts to combat poverty and injustice in their diverse forms. We see it in the ICDP project in Tunisia that is working with parents and caregivers to catalyse change in the quality of care for children. We are committed to being a part of work that sees the flourishing of humans and their world through physical well-being, healthy relationships, and justice for people, communities and nations.

We are grateful to our new partners, and excited to see the project activities continue to take place. Watch this space for updates on transformational developments we hope to see take root!