Hope restored

Abdel Aziz is a long-time friend of ACT. Most recently, he has been supporting the Autonomy for Adults with Disabilities Project which ACT is running in the south of Tunisia. He is one of the trainers. He recently shared a heartwarming way in which he has found his sense of hope restored.

Sadly, in November 2019 Mohammed Chabane – the president of the Medenine Self-Advocacy group and also a trainer in the Autonomy Project – passed away unexpectedly after a short illness. His loss was a real blow to all who knew him.

Since my co-trainer Mohammed Chabane passed away, I felt so discouraged in work. [Then came] Covid and the restrictions… It was a very hard time.


Over the summer I was able to give a training in the ACT Autonomy Project, as well as participate in a self-advocacy group meeting. These activities gave me opportunities for connection.


My work was really rejuvenated. It brought me new motivation.


I really appreciate the way that ACT works – not like [some] larger international associations that just give money. We need help in other, non-financial things. The way that ACT helps contribute to such things is really valued.


[Following the training] was the first-time hope had come back to me. We had nice interactions. ACT has a good effect on people through their trainings, especially after the long period of confinement.

“[Abdel Aziz] is a real visionary,” says ACT Project Manager Phil, “and a real leader in Tunisia.” It is an honour to have partnered with him over the years.

We are particularly thankful for all his hard work and dedication as a trainer for the project, helping communicate and model how people with disabilities can live whole and engaged lives. Long may it continue!