Tunisia Country Director appointed

ACT is delighted to announce the appointment of Jared Baker as Country Director for ACT in Tunisia.

Jared joined ACT in January 2020, initially as part of the Kef team. He and his wife Hannah were involved in the Inclusion for Adults with Disabilities project work. He relocated to Tunis in 2021 to serve as Director of Finance. Plans are in motion to look to transition into his new role in the autumn 2023.

I am very humbled and honored to be invited to serve ACT as Country Director. In my short time in Tunisia, I feel privileged to have experienced life in both a rural and urban context and to have been able to participate in ACT’s work through projects, administration and leadership.


In the coming months I look forward to exploring how we can continue to cultivate fruitful partnerships with International Partners, equip intentional teams of local and international staff, strengthen existing local partnerships, and explore what God might be inviting us to as we seek to be faithful co-laborers in God’s work of transformation.


On a personal level, I would appreciate your prayers that I would be able to listen well, learn often, and lead from a place of affirmation and service.

– Jared Baker

Since 2020, ACT has journeyed through several interim leadership arrangements. We are excited for this next chapter in our story to be written and look forward to Jared’s transition into this new role – we wish you all the best!

Welcome to Glad to have you as part of the team.